There are several ways of getting to Hakuba from Tokyo Narita or Haneda airports. The crew here at The Phat House Hakuba are more than willing to provide assistance in choosing the right transportation for you and are happy to help you book the best way to get to your awesome Hakuba Accommodation.


Getting to Hakuba by bus is by far the cheapest option. There is a private shuttle service that operates from either airport or the Highway Bus that departs out of Shinjuku. Not all options will get you directly to your Hakuba Accommodation.

The Nagano Shuttle leaves twice daily from Narita and Haneda. They operate several shuttles a day and depending on what time you arrive into Japan is probably the easiest way to get to Hakuba. Be sure to check the departure timetable before booking to make sure the time marries-up to your arrival time. If you get a morning service the Nagano Snow Shuttle will terminate at the Happo Information centre where we will be waiting to pick you up (please let us know your arrival time in advance). The later services drop you off right at the door of your Hakuba Accommodation where a warm bed will be waiting. The Nagano Snow Shuttle offers services for the return leg if you are going directly back to the airport. A one-way ticket from Narita Airport costs ¥9000 per person.

The Highway Bus operates a more regular service and is the most cost effective way to get to Hakuba starting at ¥4800 per person for a one-way journey. Most services need to be booked in advance. Buses can be booked from the Highway Bus website. You’ll need to find your way to Shinjuku to depart. The Highway bus terminates at the Happo Information Centre so be sure to tell us what time your bus gets in so we can be there to greet you and bring you to The Phat House.


For a traditional Japanese experience the Shinkansen can be a great option for getting to Hakuba. At speeds of over 300kms an hour the train motors along scenic country side and takes under two hours from Tokyo Central to Nagano. A Reserved ticket will cost you approximately ¥8200 for the journey from Tokyo to Nagano. From Nagano it is under an hour drive to The Phat House. We can help arrange transfers from Nagano to The Phat House, just ask us about available options when booking.

If you are flying into Narita you will have to get the Narita Express to Tokyo central before boarding the Shinkansen to Nagano. The Narita Express costs ¥3150 per person for a reserved ticket and takes approximately one hour for the journey into Tokyo. If you are flying into Haneda you’ll have to get the Rapid Limited Express from the International Airport terminal to Shinagawa. At Shinagawa you’ll have to change trains to Tokyo (change to the JR Tokaido Line). The whole journey should cost you ¥580. From Tokyo you’ll board the Shinkansen for Nagano.

There is also a direct train from Shinjuku (station in Tokyo) once daily all the way to Hakuba station. It leaves at 07:30 and a one-way ticket will cost you ¥8,200 for the journey.

If you are having trouble negotiating any or all of the trains stations or finding it difficult to purchase tickets ask one of the staff that are floating around near the gates. Chances are someone will speak English and if they don’t they’ll find someone who will – the Japanese are very friendly and helpful people.

To find out more about trains from Tokyo Narita or Haneda airports and Tokyo stations it is best to search on Hyperdia. You can find all the information you need about timetables and transfers.


If comfort and ease is what you seek in getting to Hakuba then a private transfer may be the option for you. Picked up right from the airport and delivered directly to our doors at The Phat House you won’t have to worry about a thing. If you would like to organise a private transfer it’s best to book with Chuo Taxi. It’s not the cheapest option and rates may vary depending on luggage. You can find out more about the service here.


Depending on your mode of transportation to Hakuba we provide free pick-ups and drop-offs. Notify us in advance your arrival time and we’ll be there to pick you up from either the bus terminal or train station here in Hakuba. If you’re still looking for Hakuba Accommodation head to our website and check out why we’re considered one of the best accommodation options in Hakuba.